Every room in my bed/breakfast has its own bathroom with rain shower, toilet and sink. There is a smart TV, Nespresso coffee machine, a kettle in every room and Wi-Fi. Furthermore each room has its own identity. They all have a lot in common with the island, but are completely different from each other. I have put the love that I feel for the island in every one of these rooms. At around 8.30 every morning, breakfast is ready and served in a picnic basket outside your door. Enjoy it in your room or even better, take it to the beach or the woods for a special breakfast. Both the rooms and the breakfast are my own interpretation of what the island means to me and many others.

Het Strand(the beach)

Naturally, on Texel, you cannot miss the Beach. The wide and deserted beaches on our island have been brought back into this room. A bed with the stars above in the canopy and a bath in the middle of the room, will make staying in this room, a joy and experience to remember.

De Weide(the meadow)

In the Meadow it's all about space and light, something you cannot escape from on Texel. The Dutch meadows are best known for being filled with sheep or bulbs, but also dunes full of lavender. In this room, you will find all of that, from a sheep shed to a moss wall and from a floating bed with a great view of both the little pigs and rabbits.

Het Bos(the forest)

The Forest is a room fully inspired by the woods, where the pine forest starts. The room is filled with recycled oak, Texel cherry and elm wood. It is a warm and cosy room, overlooking both the little pigs and rabbits, making anyone with a feeling for the outdoors right at home. The tranquility of the forest is reflected in this tastefully decorated room.